How To Teach A New Song To Your Church

Just in the same way that Thanksgiving dinner involves a scheduled time set-up and sequence, teaching new songs to the church involves those same three steps.  These three steps are critical in helping the church digest something new that their bodies are not yet used to as part of their worship diet.


Worship Leaders Are Butlers With Guest, Randy Rothwell

We live in a day and age where creatives in the church volley to have platforms as a means to express themselves and build their kingdoms.  In efforts to put our imprint on things we usurp the Almighty and worship the created, instead of the creator.  Our hearts our idol-making factories that consistently need to be condemned if Christ is to have His rightful place in our lives and in His church.

Modesty: The Heart of A Worship Leader God Uses

I recently was reading the values of a church on their website.  Dead center on the webpage it read, “Modesty: We value personal and ministry modesty, making Jesus famous, not ourselves”.  When I read that something immediately resounded deep inside me.  All my heart’s deepest desires were awakened.   We’ve all been programmed to worship, …

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