How To Teach A New Song To Your Church

Just in the same way that Thanksgiving dinner involves a scheduled time set-up and sequence, teaching new songs to the church involves those same three steps.  These three steps are critical in helping the church digest something new that their bodies are not yet used to as part of their worship diet.


How To Choose Songs For Congregational Worship

Worship leaders must develop their own filters to determine and discern what music is appropriate for their worship diet and worship culture at their church.  Choosing songs merely based on preference alone, what’s “hot” on the radio or what stimulated a meaningful worship experience in your car aren’t necessarily great metrics for determining what truth to put into the mouths of worshippers on the weekend.


How To Recruit Volunteers to Your Worship Team

I’ve never met a worship leader who doesn’t desire a deep bench of skilled musicians and vocalists to serve on their team. Building any type of ministry takes a lot of hard work and is not for the faint of heart.  Over the past 20 years I’ve had the great privilege of being involved with four church plants.  Having built worship ministries from scratch, I learned many of these principles through much trial and error.