An Open Letter To WestJet Airlines

I am calling on WestJet to lead the way before disaster and destruction are imminent and make it feasible for your guests in South Florida to come home. Everyone loves a hero and there's nothing more Canadian than being one.


Every Church Has Three Worship Leaders

As a worship leader reading this you may be scratching your head at the title of this blog. After all, weren't you the one hired to lead worship? Perhaps in function, yes, but in role, every church in fact has three worship leaders. So who's leading worship in your church? 1. Jesus Christ.  At first …

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What Drives A Community Leader?

This past week I was honoured with a new award developed by our MP (Member of Parliment), Alex Nuttall as part of Canada's 150th Anniversary celebrations. The John Graves Simcoe Medal of Excellence was awarded to 45 recipients in the Barrie community who have demonstrated community leadership and positive influence.  People in the City of Barrie …

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