What You Sing Is What You Teach Is What You Think

Worship leaders wear many different hats: Musician, leader, counsellor, pastor, sound engineer, arranger and the list goes on. One role we often fail to see is that of teacher. We often assume that role solely belongs to the preaching pastor. Whereas the act of listening to a sermon may feel closest to the lecture-driven Western …

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About seven years ago in the wake of the devastation being faced by the Earthquake in Haiti I wrote a song called "Defender (Call Upon The Name)".  Leading that song in Haiti while on a missions trip after the earthquake was one of the most profound worship experiences I have ever experienced. Recently, the US …

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What Are Your Worship Ministry Values?

Being a church planter brings about many challenges but one of the great things about being on the front end of a ministry is the opportunity to set pace, tone, environment and values. Our values as worship leaders are the nonnegotiable, uncompromising directives that shape the ministry we've been entrusted with. Locking these things down on …

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