101794961_10106266808108668_1710851238259589120_nThanks so much for visiting my blog.

For the past 25 years I’ve been leading worship, writing songs, teaching and discipling creatives in the local church.  This blog is a place where I want to share some of the things I’ve been learning as I seek to love Christ and serve His church.

I grew up in Canada where I earned my first degree in Theology from Emmanuel Bible College.  Towards the end of my time at Emmanuel I learned a great deal about church planting through serving in the Harvest Bible Chapel movement as a Worship Director at the first three Harvest churches planted in Canada.

Shortly after graduating I moved South where I attended Liberty University.  I earned four more degrees there (yes, I’m nuts!) culminating with a Doctor of Ministry in Worship Studies.  It was a great honor and privilege to teach at Liberty for a number of years, where I helped establish the songwriting and commercial music program at Liberty’s School of Music.  During my time there I wrote a few songs while serving at Thomas Road Baptist Church and traveling on a ministry team that gained some traction; “God of the Ages”, “Defender (Call Upon the Name)” and “Bless the Lord”.

I returned to Canada where I worked in the marketplace teaching communication, research analysis and lifeskill classes at Georgian College in Ontario.  At the same time, I channelled my passion for local history into building an online museum for my hometown called the Barrie Historical Archive.

In 2017 I helped plant Christ Community Church in Naples, Florida serving as their Associate Pastor.  At the time, I jokingly told my friends I was taking “early retirement” serving the Lord in the tropical climate of the SouthEast.  Following my time in Naples, I joined the staff at Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago as a Campus Worship Pastor where I worked alongside Vertical Worship helping to establish and co-lead a year-long training program for worship leaders called Vertical Worship Cohort.

I currently serve as Central Worship Pastor at Liberty Live Church, a six-campus multi-site church in Hampton Roads, Virginia where I lead and coach a team of worship leaders, music directors and School of Ministry interns and residents who serve across our campuses.

When I am not blogging about worship leadership or ministry-related topics I love to read, be outdoors, cooking or listening to something from my vinyl record collection.  I’m a natural conversationalist, extroverted and passionate about truth, justice, music, songwriting, teaching, leadership and most anything that interests me.  God’s calling on my life is to the local church to realize and release the potential believers have in Christ Jesus.

More than my interests, I love people.  If there’s anything I can do to serve you or your ministry, I hope you will reach out.  I’d love to hear your story and learn more about you.

Thanks for reading,