An Open Letter To WestJet Airlines

Dear WestJet Airlines –

One of the largest hurricanes in recorded history is currently on target to hit South Florida within a few short days.  As you know, South Florida is a second home to many of your Canadian guests.  I am blessed to be here as a working Canadian on a US VISA.

I personally think WestJet is not only Canada’s best airline but one of the best airlines in the world. Your reasonable rates combined with  unmatched customer service have made you my exclusive choice when traveling both for business and pleasure.

With a catastrophe looming, this is a definitive moment for WestJet.  You have within your power the ability to divert flights to all open airports in Florida prior to calamity and operate a rescue mission.  From a business standpoint, it’s smart.  From an ethical and humanitarian standpoint, it’s an obligation.  When it’s within their means to do so, Canadians help each other out in times of peril.

I am calling on WestJet to lead the way before disaster and destruction are imminent and make it feasible for your guests in South Florida to come home.

Everyone loves a hero and there’s nothing more Canadian than being one.

Be the hero today and send help so we can get home,

Dr. Travis R. Doucette


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