Splash Canyon: Minesing’s Abandoned Water Park

You may be hard pressed to identify Minesing on a map of Southern Ontario but perhaps even more remarkable is that this remote farming community of a few hundred people just minutes North of Barrie was home to water park and resort, Splash Canyon.


You mean you haven’t heard of Splash Canyon?

You’re not alone.  I live a mere 10 minutes South from its location in Springwater Township on Nursery Road, a two-lane country road truly in the middle of nowhere.  It’s only been since its closure six years ago and subsequent reputation as “the eerie abandoned water park” that I learned about it.

And eerie it truly is.




Despite visiting on a bright, warm, sunny Spring day with another photographer, I was constantly looking over my shoulder.  It truly is a ghost town, the kind of thing you’d expect to read about in a Stephen King novel.


Surprisingly, the premises (which have fallen into major disrepair and been subject to extensive vandalism) were not secure in the slightest.  The vast barren parking lot adjacent to the road was surrounded by a black iron fence which had multiple breaks in it, beckoning in any curious adventurer.


Upon arriving, we freely entered the main gate and began investigating an orange bungalow – what I presume was the main office for the resort.  The interior, littered with thousands of brochures, had hosted many visitors prior to us.

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The premises were actually quite impressive and expansive.  A large size wave pool, partially filled with rain water still boasted some of its former relics alongside weeds that had grown up through the concrete.

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Towards the back of the property, Splash Canyon boasted a large RV park, equipped with electrical outlets and a large building housing showers and bathrooms.  A couple of trailers were never removed, adding to the overall creepy feeling of this deserted resort.





After visiting this one-of-a-kind attraction (or remains thereof), it begs the question, How did this happen?  Why would someone build a large, elaborate water park in the middle of a small remote community and why was it left (somewhat intact) to rot?


If my memory serves correctly, 15 years ago, a Christian camp was on these premises before being overhauled to make room for Splash Canyon.  Why its tenure was so short and why it was abandoned remains a mystery to this day.

Ironically in the past six years since its closure, the remains of Splash Canyon have remained a popular attraction, albeit for different reasons.  A popular (and free) attraction for hoodlums and photographers, it has quickly become a destination of choice for the urban explorer.

17 thoughts on “Splash Canyon: Minesing’s Abandoned Water Park

  1. I never knew this Park existed that is until, one day while out driving and out of shear boredom turned right off 26 at Nursery Road. Nice buildings, houses and then this apparition. I have lived in Barrie a long time but this was the first time I had ever seen, let alone heard of this playground Park. Why the secrecy or who knew about it’s existence. It’s amazing what you can find and see once you abandon the well travelled road.


  2. Teresa

    My family and I went to this park almost every weekend when it was open was a reasonable price lineups moved along fast even on a really busy day. Food was good and great family prices . We even camped there in a tent .They had a Halloween night Live bands fireworks etc such a shame it came to this . Hopefully it will reopen someday .


  3. Dianne

    It was originally opened as Loose Moose Magic Village Waterpark and Campground. For years we had travelled around transiently and when we found the Loose Moose we knew we had found our permanent summer home. The gentleman that originally created the park was a wonderful person who was very good with people and wanted to make a place for children and families to have fun. Unfortunately the bank took it over after the second year. The seasonal fee with the bank as new owners remained reasonable but the overnight fee for a site to camp was over 100 per night so other than long weekends the camp was virtually empty with the exception of us few seasonal campers. People in Barrie 10 minutes away didn’t even know it existed. After a few years the bank sold it to a person that held onto it a year then it was sold again. The year it closed we had no warning. Everyone showed up to locked gates and those of us who had paid cash for our seasonals and had receipts were told we could only get reimbursed for payments made by visa. So we were not only out the cash but had to find a new place to go and pay for it also. The only reason it closed was because the hired manager that lived on the premises had left with no notice. We found a qualified person that was willing to take over the position but the owner decided to close the park instead and tell everyone they had 2 n weeks to get their belongings out then when you made appointments to meet them to unlock the gate they either didn’t show up or were late. On one occasion after 3 scheduled attempts we had to involve the police and voila they came almost immediately and we were able to get our property moved out.
    Every time we drive by it I think what a shame it was to let such a wonderful place go to ruin. We still miss it but will always have memories of the great times spent there with good friends.


    1. Kiana Garden-Carballo

      That bit about the mangaer leaving without notice is a lie. He was fired without notice right before the park was supposed to re-open and was left jobless. I would know because I am his daughter and former employee to Splash Canyon. When we left back in 2011 to visit family in Florida, we had every intention to be back at Splash in 2012.
      that park wasn’t just our place of employment, it was also my family’s home….
      When we received the call about the park being closed my family was left in shock, we loved that park very much and became friends with many of the seasonal families as well as all of the employees, it was a shame they closed down, but you are blaming the wrong person.
      Even though it was not my father or my family’s fault I am very sorry for what they did to you as well as many other families.


  4. Jennifer Price

    It was slated to reopen a few years ago…I believe the owners put a large chunck of change into it and then weeks before it was to open it was vandalized to the tune of $500,000.00 in damages – ending all chances for reopening.


  5. Luke

    I’m not surprised it closed, I went a couple times years ago and it sucked, that red slide absolutely destroyed my back, I’d love to go explore today


  6. R Minnema

    If someone wanted to reopen this resort I think it would do well. Not much up this way that is similar for family fun….maybe he region should try and run the place?


  7. Scott

    Someone burnt the house down at the road not long ago . And they came in this winter before all the snow came and dismantled all the big slides


  8. Tammy

    Anyone know who owns this?? Is land for sale?? So sad to see so much damage!! Why would anyone do such a thing?? Was it a insurance thing? Or revenge from original Owner??


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